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about our institute

We provide Home Tutors for Class 1st to 12th, all Subjects, all Boards. Our focus is on making the student understand each and every Concept by matching the ‘Pace of Learning’ or his/her Grasping speed while teaching.

Strength and Weaknesses of the student is identified and guidance is provided for enhancing the strength and working towards the weaknesses.

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Why Choose Us?

  • After understanding the requirements of the parent & the needs of the student, we allot the right tutor for the student.
  • We work on the weak areas of a child while enhancing their strengths, which is achieved by proper planning and matching the pace/grasping ability of a child.
  • We follow a 3 Stage Learning Process consisting of Concept Understanding, Memorisation and Practice, which leads to the overall subject development of the student from understanding to exam preparation.
  • Parents are updated on a weekly basis on the Developments of the sessions taken and the Progress of the child.